the new record of ABOUT SCHMITT comes to with set of playful and fresh poptunes. from summerhitlike "all at once" to complex crossover songs like "ministry of information" the record displays the creative variety of Peter Schmitt without leaving the path of his identitiy as a songwriter with an acoustic guitar. this becomes more than evident in the title track "high on ruby", while the opener "bodilessness" reveals a new lyrical approach working with pictures and strong metaphors referring to bodiless life in digitalism, the song combines catchy chorus lines with uptempo rhythm and single coil guitars in memory of british garage punk. others like "paper aeroplanes" pay tribute to 80s discosound and mix classic moogs with heavy orchestrated choruses. still ABOUT SCHMITT varies the motifs of glittering pop pearls and powerful riffing, emotional depth and highly dancable beats. mixed by Tom Schenk and mastered Samson Geiger the record takes in the best of both worlds - from digital presence to analogue warmth the songs are presented in the best possible ways. examine more closely right here!